Yard Cleaning Time!

After reading a lot of highly intelligent blogs lately, such as Marginal Revolution, I don’t feel like writing as I have learned once again how unflattering my skills are…

Below are some pics from a yard clean today. Here are my easy steps and recommendations…
1. Use a blower to get leafs (Yes, leafs, or leaves- Look it up.) out of bushes, mulch, rocks, etc. Blow them into the grass.
2. Rake them into piles or into lawn and leaf bags. (I rake them into piles, then onto a tarp and throw them into the trailer to take to the dump.)
3. Mow with a bag and go V E R Y   S L L O O O O W W W W W W W W W….

Picking up your leafs in the fall will help your turf in the long run, just do it.

Want a great place to dump your organic debris? They take leafs, sticks, bushes, trees, they take it all and they are the best price.
Mountain States Wood Recyclers. Just one half mile east of I-25 off of Emporia. Wait. No. That isn’t right, that’s the Shane Company… Mountain States Wood Recyclers is off of Santa Fe just north of Oxford. Beware, they are some crazy, um, interesting people running it. I will leave it at that. I hope they don’t read my blog… Here is a sign at their site…
(Just so you remember, I warned you… Do you see the great lengths I go to for our clients!?)









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