What’s With Cleaning The Aerator After Every Yard?!

We get asked this very often. Sadly, it’s an uncommon practice, which should be VERY common!

So, there is a point to this, seemingly, madness. There have been studies, even in Littleton, Colorado, that landscape maintenance and lawn mowing companies have accidentally spread diseases from one yard to another. A big culprit is the aerator. The aerator, which pulls up plugs to reduce compaction in your yard, doesn’t kick out the last plug it pulled until another plug is pulled. In other words, once we finish your lawn, every single tine has a plug or your soil/turf in it, which will stay there until it is either manually removed by hand or the aerator pulls more plugs. Well, unfortunately, many companies don’t “find” the time to remove the plugs after each lawn. If they just aerated someone that has crabgrass, you bet you have a much higher risk of getting that crab grass. So, next time you have someone aerate, see if they clean their tines. If they don’t and they tell you they will clean them later it’s clearly a lie. They should clean the tines on site, immediately before the aerator leaves your lawn!

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