What is this hysteria about THATCH!?

To set the record straight, thatch isn’t something to be continuously concerned about. Thatch buildup stems from poor lawn maintenance practices, so if you’re mowing frequently, having your lawn aerated twice yearly, and NOT overusing pesticides and fertilizers you should be fine. *We infrequently notice an excessive thatch buildup!*

First, thatch is a buildup of organic material that is just above the soil. It isn’t easy to see if you look at your lawn from standing up, but the next time you have us aerate check out one of the plugs we pulled and you will see it. You will see soil, then thatch, which looks like old grass clippings laying flat in a matrix-looking form, and then you will see the grass blades.

Thatch isn’t bad so long as it is less that a half inch thick. Once it is thicker than a half inch your turf will have problems getting water, oxygen and other nutrients into the soil.

Causes of thatch buildup: Infrequent mowings, excessive fertilization, and possible overuse of lawn pesticides.
Misconceptions about thatch buildup: Mulching, or releasing grass clippings into the lawn, contributes to thatch buildup. This is NOT true!

If you have a thatch problem, make sure you’re mowing at least weekly, some turfs may need to be mowed even more frequently. Aerate twice per season, once in the spring and once in the fall, and do not overuse fertilizers and pesticides!

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