Here’s a little ray of sunshine for our lawns this season… Or, that doesn’t make sense, literally. Anyway, as of today the 26th, the board of water commissioners has lifted the restrictions from two days a week to three. And three is ALL we need! But, why not still be conservative? I am suggesting dropping your usage by 5-10%. It’s not much, but for thousands of homes put together it can make a big difference. One easy way to do that is to use the “Seasonal Adjustment” option on your timer. Click to it, and it most likely says 100%. Just switch it down to 95% or 90% and it will do the work for you!

That being said, if you’re a mow client of ours please change your timer! If your mow day is Thursdays, set the timer to water Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. If your mow day is Friday, set the timer to water Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, etc. If you’re not a mow client of ours I am going to start charging you for reading this blog.

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