Want Your Lawn Mower More Fuel Efficient?!

Believe it or not, this is possible! We do it with our mowers, and you should do it as well!

As we originally said, cut your grass at a length between 2.5 to 3 inches. To make sure of this, simply use a tape measure and on your driveway check the height of your lawn mower blade when it it closest to the front of the mower. After the *front* of your mower is adjusted, raise the back of the mower to one notch above the front. This will basically put the blade, at the back of the mower, about .5 inches higher than the front. If this sounds weird, that’s okay, it’s a secret industry trick.

How does this help? It’s simple. When you are cutting your grass the lawn mower blade is being slowed down as it cuts through, this is resistance caused by drag. Strangely, when the mower is level, the rear of the blade may still be nicking the tips of grass blades that have already been cut, slowing it down even more! So, by raising the back, it gets it free of resistance allowing the blade to spin free, and therefore faster. Now, you have reduced the drag on your mower, causing it to use less fuel! You might even notice it mulching better!

Give it a shot. If you like the height you’re cutting it at now leave the setting at the front and try raising the rear of the mower one notch!

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