Want to Quantify Your Water Usage???

Considering I am attempting to follow the recommendations of Denver Water, I decided it would be interesting to find out how much water I am actually saving. It’s relatively simple, and anyone can do it. Make sure none of your appliances are currently using water, such as your dishwasher or washing machine. Go outside to one of your hose bibs, and bring a 5 gallon bucket. If you have a short hose that will make this test more accurate. Simply put the hose in the bucket, and turn the water on full blast as quickly as possible. When you turn the water on, also start a stop watch at the exact same moment. Once the bucket starts to spill over the top, stop the timer. Now, this will tell us how long it takes your system to spend 5 gallons. For me, it was 39.5 seconds. Keep in mind this is all an estimate. Now, for simple calculations, we want to convert that to gallons per minute. I wish I had an easy way to draw this out, and I will scan my calculations in here soon, but here is the easiest way to calculate this. Multiply 5 gallons, (or 1 gallon if you could only find a milk jug for example), times 60 seconds. Clearly this will give you 300, and now divide that number by how many seconds it took to fill your bucket. Mine was 39.5, so 300/39.5… This gave me an answer of 7.59 gallons per minute. Now, take that number and multiply it by how ever many minutes you water per day, week, or month. All in all, as I said in my last blog, I am knocking off 200 minutes of watering per week, which is roughly 1,518 gallons per week. Assuming there are 27 weeks in the mowing/watering season, that will save a total of 40,986 gallons! Once I figured this out, I was thinking I had just saved a ton of money, but to my dismay, after I calculated water pricing on the Ken Caryl Ranch, I figure it’s about $0.0045 per gallon, hardly saving $200 for the entire summer. Let’s put it this way, if the grass doesn’t turn to a crisp in July and August, cool, $200 is left over, if the grass is dead, $200 savings will resod maybe 1/10 of it, if I am lucky.

Here are my wicked “smat” math skills… Stay tuned for next weeks algebra lesson.

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