Turf Equipment Maintenance

By now you should have already fired up your lawnmowers and trimmers. Before you go too long into the season remember to do your yearly maintenance on your equipment to keep it running well and long into the future!

For the lawn mowers, change the engine oil yearly. It’s just like a car. Oil goes bad over time simply from exposure to the atmosphere. As some cars may only require oil changes every 20,000 miles, they still recommend getting the oil changed at a year if you haven’t yet driven it 20,000 miles. The same goes for your lawn mower. Even if your yard is the size of a “postage stamp,” as many people say, change your lawn mower oil yearly. Secondly, change the spark plug. It’s so simple. Pop off the spark plug wire, use a deep socket to remove the old plug and then buy and install a new one. Many lawn mower spark plugs don’t even need to be adjusted, or gapped, before installing. Third, make sure you are using fresh gasoline, and 91 octane. In the past lower octanes worked just fine, but newer lawn maintenance equipment requires, and truly needs, 91 octane to run properly. If you don’t burn up all of your fuel inside the lawn mower at the end of the year use a fuel stabilizer such as Stabil. You simply pour some Stabil into your mower at the end of the season and it keeps the fuel good until the next season. We use it religiously at the end of seasons! Lastly, and possibly most important for the health of your lawn, have your lawnmower blade sharpened, or sharpen it yourself if you have a grinder. Remember though, lawnmower blades don’t need to be sharp like a knife, just get all of the nicks and burs out of the blade, and give it a slight sharpening and reattach.

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