Tress In Distress

We recently stumbled across this article and video by 9News. Trees are struggling this season, and for many it’s a lack of nutrients. Until this past month with the excessive rains we received, we were very far behind on moisture. We started last winter with a record number of dry days in the fall, and due to the excessive heat grass was still growing and we even had some clients we were still mowing in November! Looking at the winter months, we were without a good snowfall until the last day in December, and after that point we maybe received another five or six good snows! Then, we started off this summer season dry as well. Early this season, many grasses had succumb to the destructive power of the Spider Mites.

In all, the recommendation for your trees is a deep root feeding enriched with iron. We commonly use fertilizers on your lawn with iron, and what you get from that is a greener turf. This concept is analogous with trees. Although it’s too late in the season to see any greening of your leaves, try giving them a deep root fertilization and next season they will be doing much better. As said in the video, the deep root applicator does not need to be put any further than a few inches in the soil.

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