To water, or not to water…

Okay, definitely water! If we were to give one tip, it would be to water for longer periods of time, and LESS frequently! Many people think watering their turf for a short period each morning may help it through the long, hot day, but this is actually harmful. Watering for short periods of time only allows the water to penetrate to a shallow soil depth. This will therefore “teach” the roots there is no need to grow deep into the soil because the water is always near the surface. Then, when hot dry spells plague us, the turf dries up quickly.

So, how do you cope? Battle this by watering for longer periods of time. According to turf grass experts, water long enough to reach a soil depth of two to four inches. Next, watering less frequently will allow the soil near the surface to dry thus allowing the roots to learn to grow deep towards the moisture that is still around. Additionally, if the soil remains wet for too long your turf may become susceptible to diseases and pest infestations.

Water less frequently, for longer periods of time. I shoot for no more than three mornings a week, and 20 to 30 minutes per station.

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