Time to Start Thinking Ahead!

So, last year I sucked at updating the blog- I was a little overwhelmed… Anyway, this season I am going to try to make an effort to get something up at least once a week, but don’t hold me to it.

As we start preparing equipment, schedules, etc. for the season, I felt like it was a good time to help you prepare for your season as well… Yeah, we’re actually working on equipment in February! Today, consider your fertilizer for the summer, even if you’re “not the fertilizing type!” I have become a huge believer in fertilizer, and more specifically organic fertilizer. One expert explained to me that fertilizer is like ‘putting food on the table for the plants.’ He is right, but it goes much further, which I failed to understand at the time of his teachings… In my experience, fertilizer helps to keep the turf greener, and healthier without requiring you to change your watering schedule. Yeah, I know what you’re saying- You’re wondering how I could be so stupid to have not realized that. I DID! ;) But, I didn’t realize how huge it was. Also, it helps the turf fend off diseases and pests mainly due to the overall strength it adds to the turf.

Now, in an effort to keep this blog short, I am going to end with fertilizer recommendations. This season, I would like to see more organic fertilizer being used. No, not because I went to school in Boulder, I don’t go along with that hippy stuff… Organic fertilizer creates a better growing environment in the soil, allowing the turf to grow healthy, and over a longer period, (slow release). Synthetic fertilizers are like steroids. You get incredible results, but sometimes too much! Do you really want your turf growing by 300% in one week? Hell no! Consider giving it a shot this season, it’s worth the try.

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