Stop Aerating!

We still get many calls about aeration… It’s too hot for aeration at this point in the season, so unless you want to hurt your turf stop aerating. Most companies will continue doing it simply because they don’t truly care about your turf, they’re only interested in their bottom line. We stopped aerating before the end of May and will not begin until the temperatures have dropped once again.

Two big reasons aerating at this point it hard on your turf… One, opening up the turf actually increases the surface area of the turf by 112%. What does this mean? This means there is a little over twice the square footage of exposed turf to dry out your turf excessively. Remember, this is one of those rare seasons where we have had such little water the mites are permanently killing turfs, so don’t help them out by drying out your turf any further. Secondly, aerating during the greatest time of growth for weeds is a horrible idea! Opening up your turf makes it even easier for the weeds to emerge, and now you’re not only fighting weeds because you gave them a head start but you dried out your turf rendering it even weaker not allowing it to choke out the weeds.

Bottom line, don’t aerate anymore, it’s not worth it. Remember aerating is best from March through May so long as the turf isn’t frozen or too hot, and September through October.

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