Spring Fever!

I am pleasantly surprised in the early interest this season. It seems to me a lot of questions are regarding last season’s drought regulations and recovery. Most lawns should be recovered by now, but those that weren’t doing too well to begin with were hurt long term. It’s time to get started this season…

Start with fertilizer. Organic, made here in Colorado. Colorado’s Choice, Richlawn, whatever. I like Colorado fertilizer for two reasons. First, it’s made here by us so why not support our state? Hell, the liquor I buy is made in Colorado. (Does anyone actually read this?) I suppose I pledge allegiance to our state in some weird way. But, the other reason to buy here is our fertilizers are designed for our soil. Fertilizers you get at large box stores might not be made here or for OUR soil. We have clay- hard to penetrate, but holds on to water and nutrients. The east coast has sandy silty soil- easily penetrated, but loses its nutrients and water easily. So, those manufactures on the east aren’t targeting our needs.

Common questions about fertilizers…
1. Will fertilizing now make my grass grow? Absolutely not. The turf will not start growing until the soil temperatures are warmer. There is nothing you can do other than putting an electric blanket on your lawn to spur its growth this time of year.
2. Does it need to be watered in? No. However, if it’s synthetic it can burn your lawn but only with ambient temperatures around 75 degrees or higher. So, not at the moment. That being said, no fertilizers are activated without water. So, if we’re dry nothing will happen. Just time it with the next snow.
3. Will the turf actually utilize the fertilizer if it’s not growing? Yes. The roots are still slightly active throughout winter, therefore utilizing nutrients. That’s why we recommend a winterizer fertilizer, and even in some cases if the lawn is hurting badly I recommend fertilizing mid-winter.

So, what are you waiting for? Spread that chicken poop!

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