Some Shnow Schtuff…

While doing our snow rounds this morning, I had some thoughts that I wanted to throw out there…

As many of you know, we spent nearly ten years in the commercial snow removal business. Now, I know that’s nothing special, believe me… But, what I can tell you is there is an insane amount of thought, planning, preparation, etc. that goes into such a business. On top of that, our society has become quite litigious, so slip and fall claims are continuing to grow. Due to these claims being on the rise, it is always important to ensure you’re taking good care of your property, be it your home or a commercial property, after a snow event.

If I were to break it down there are two important, fundamental tasks when getting rid of the snow. One, the simple task of properly removing it, and all of it. And two, ensuring the placement of the snow is optimal so it can melt in a reasonable amount of time with its drainage staying off the beaten path as much as possible.

When I think about placement of the snow, I try to pick a place where the sun will always hit, so the south side of a building, away from the shade of trees, etc., and, most importantly, I consider where the water will run off as it starts to melt. Now, if it was simply just water, who would care? But, with a pile of snow, the runoff goes through a freeze-thaw cycle, and this is where you’re putting yourself and others at risk. Snow itself isn’t too slippery, unless you’re wearing flat-bottomed shoes or heels. It’s the ice underneath that’s slippery.

Below I have a two pictures of two different examples of good practices. One, you can see when we shovel the snow off of the drive, we attempt to get it entirely off, THEN, leave a little gap! This creates a miniature drainage ditch keeping the ice build-up off of the drive. This can’t be done everywhere, depending on the adjacent landscaping. The second part… Make sure you shovel out your gutter. All of your neighbor’s run off will come past your house here. If you don’t clean it up, the water, through its capillary action, will soak into the snow, even go against gravity, and create an issue. Just shovel the gutter.

There is a third pic… My incredible daughter giving a shout-out to Nikola Tesla, one of my idols and a true innovator in his time without any due credit…

Oh, and feel free to google capillary action and Nikola Tesla. You will find both interesting. Maybe I am just a massive dork.



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