Some Light Spring Prep

For the first time ever I have a schedule printed out of subjects to talk about in accordance with the time of the season… Sadly, I already missed my date for the last post and posted late, so this one comes rather soon after.

That being said, let’s get some light yard work done. We all have those neighbors that never cleaned their leaves in the fall and now they’re your problem. Additionally, have you deadheaded your ornamental grasses? Now is a great time! Deadheading will clean them up and is an indicator to the plant to start growing. Globing plants, shaping junipers, etc. is also a good practice at this time. Lastly, do you have evergreen trees? Pine needles are very acidic. Sitting on the lawn will slow its growth and hinder its health. Rake them up as well. I did so at some point in the winter and filled four trash cans from a tiny piece of turf.

Ultimately, get all of the organic debris out of the yard. Blow things out of rocks, around the base of plants, etc.- give everything room to breathe! The time for the turf to start growing is soon, as well as plants. Getting debris out will allow oxygen flow and sunlight in so things can get off to a good start.

Your yard will look better than your neighbor’s. At least do it to surpass the Jones’. ;)


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