Soil Temperatures and Aeration

It’s almost April, and I am sure we have all seen companies out there jumping the gun on aerations. I get it- there is only so much available time to aerate so might as well start as early as possible. Or, the client insists on it being done now, so, do it or lose them to a competitor. Either way, it’s a tough call not to aerate quite yet.

We at Grassthetics wait until April 1st for a reason. Below you will see a current temperature map, as of today. If you notice, much of the metro area is below 55 degrees, but only slightly. We like the soil to be at 55 degrees, or above, consistently. This typically happens by April 1st. If the soil is too cold, the aeration won’t be of the highest quality. The aerators are heavy machines, but a frozen, or cold, ground can hinder the proper depth of your core. Additionally, below these temperatures there still isn’t much activity, and it doesn’t hurt to wait one to two weeks to get the best possible aeration. Give it time, and you will reap the benefits!

*Keys to the best aeration…
-In the spring, wait until April, but get it done before the close of May. (March= too cold, June= too hot)
-In the fall, have it done in September- the lawn needs a month to recover.
-Each area must be gone over twice. Plugs need to be pulled within two inches of each other for proper results, but aerator tines are 4 inches apart.
-Make sure your company comes onto your lawn with clean tines. Aerators keep the last core they pulled. If they just aerated someone with a disease, you’re at risk for getting it once that old plug is ejected onto your lawn.


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