Snow Shoveling

This driveway and sidewalk were done before anyone even left the house… Jealous?

If you have a north facing driveway make sure to shovel before you back the car out. This will keep the snow from compacting and turning into ice that stays for days. Also, keep in mind the areas on the sides of your driveway that get the most sun, this way you know where to put the snow so it melts quickest. Also, try to keep in mind drainage. If your drive is tilted at all, put it all on the low side. Remember, when you pile up the snow it will go through a freeze/thaw cycle for a few days causing runoff. Try to keep that runoff in the grass or towards the gutter instead of in your drive.

Lastly, keep in mind residential properties have 24 hours after the end of the storm to remove snow from their public walkways to avoid city fines. Commercial properties have four hours after the storm to remove the snow.



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