Sprinkler start ups involves multiple steps to ensure your system is properly running.

We start by opening all necessary valves and checking for any leaks. Once all valves are open, the system will be run from the clock to check for proper operation. This ensures the clock, wiring, and valves are all working properly. Once the system is up and running, we will meticulously check out each sprinkler head in each zone, adjusting them to make sure they are only watering your turf, not your sidewalk, rocks, etc.

Finally, we will help you program your timer. Typically we use your preferred times but see to it that the system is running on the right days, times, etc. Finally, we will let you know of any problems and how they can be fixed. Some clients even have this service performed mid-summer to ensure their system is still running properly.

$60.00 for the first hour, $80.00/hr. thereafter. *Most start ups take less than one hour.