Quality and affordable aeration service.

Starting as low as $35. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Aeration is recommended twice per season. This service promotes water, oxygen and nutrient uptake by reversing soil compaction.

Aeration is performed in the spring as well as the fall. To ensure aeration is properly done, two passes will be made, the second being perpendicular to the first. This practice ensures the proper number of plugs are pulled per square foot of turf. We ask that the lawn is watered a day in advance to soften the soil. *If the soil is too wet, the tines will compact the soil, so be sure not to overwater.

Spring aeration months: April & May
Fall aeration monts: September & October (Assuming the ground isn't frozen.)

Starting at $35

Why are our aeration services considered the highest quality in the area? With our aerations you get multiple benefits.

1. Our prices include going over every square foot of your turf twice, the second time perpendicular to the first time. This practice is considered a requirement in the world of turfgrass academia. Going over each area only once the aerator pulls plugs that end up being 4 inches apart from one another. This is WAY too much space in between plugs to allow the reversal of compaction. The goal of going over each area twice is to ensure most plugs are pulled within two inches apart from one another. Hitting every area twice is a requirement. If it’s only gone over once your turf won’t get the true benefit.
2. We clean our tines out after each house. Who cares, right? You should! When an aerator pulls a plug it doesn't eject that plug until another is pulled. So, once we are done aerating each tine has a plug stored in it. Well, if we left that plug in the tine, and moved our aerator into your yard, we could be transferring diseases. We don't want our neighbor’s crabgrass or their Dollar Spot Disease, and we doubt you do!

3. We clean up when we're done. Why is it that aeration companies leave plugs everywhere while lawn mowing companies clean up after themselves? It’s simply because they don’t care. When we are finished with your yard we shovel up all of our plugs left on your driveway, sidewalk, etc. On top of that, we will even pull your flags you placed for us and put them by your front door. This isn’t so complicated, of course, but it’s a nice touch for the icing on the cake.