September Watering

This month, soil temperatures drop, the roots grow deeper again and recover causing the grass blades to grow excessively. Please consider adjusting your sprinkler timer accordingly.

1. I recommend removing one day of the week and spreading out the remaining two days. For example, if you were watering MWF, begin watering MF or MTr. This is optimal because you’re still putting down the same amount of water, getting it deep into the root zone where it belongs.

2. Some people like using the “Seasonal Adjustment,” or “Percantage Ajustment.” This allows you to change it from 100%, say watering 30 minutes a zone three days a week to 60% or 18 minutes a zone three days a week. I don’t like this, however, because it puts less water down at one sitting, only allowing the water to remain near the surface. We want the water to penetrate deep to teach the roots to dig deep and strong.

*Side Note. I noticed a client that had a swampy yard today, and remembered it was that way last week. When I saw it last week I thought it was due to all of the rain we had, but it was obvious today it’s from something else. I followed it to their sprinkler box, which obviously had some large leak. After discussing with the homeowner, we went into the basement to shut off the system. Before doing so, we calculated the amount of gallons/minute that were flowing out due to this leak. It was about 1 gal/15 seconds, or 4 gallons/minute. This is a crap load and a serious matter. Do the math. 4 gallons per minute is 240 gallons per hour, or 5,760 gallons per day, OR 40,320 GALLONS PER WEEK! This was an honest mistake that no one caught the issue sooner, but it’s always safe to double check these things. This issue was big because it was at the sprinkler box, or the manifold, which is always pressurized so it was leaking continuously. If you ever want to be sure this isn’t happening, just look at your water meter and ensure it’s not clocking units of water, assuming you’re not running wash, dishwasher, etc.

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