Rain Delay

Good morning everyone. Sadly, we are on a rain delay. (For our mow clients, I am going to try to start using this blog as a general message to you, but also to include a little education for everyone, per the usual.) The rain is welcomed. We could use it. That being said, for those of you that we mow weekly, we will be getting back to schedule asap. We understand that your grass is, most likely, growing like an animal at the moment, and keeping it looking beautiful is a priority, especially to us. We will do our best to be to your house as soon as possible.

That being said, we have been asked quite often about mowing wet grass. I despise this question, because for us mow companies it is a massive challenge. No, it is not healthy to mow wet grass. The mower struggles to mulch it and the mower blades typically tear the grass shoots instead of cutting them cleanly. Additionally, when we have a massive downpour, like we did last night, mowing also raises the risk of compaction. Compaction occurs from any object being on the lawn, whether it’s a mower, a pet, or a butterfly*. When the soil is wet, it is even more susceptible to compaction damage, hence us not mowing today. Although we are not mowing today, you will see us out when there is slightly wet grass, or a light rain. It’s best not to get off schedule and keep the grass cut properly rather than get behind multiple days. If you’re a homeowner that mows your own lawn, put it off if you would like, but mowing it while it is wet only every so often won’t really hurt it.

*The butterfly’s compaction impact is so minuscule it has yet to be properly measured.

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