Rain Delay

5/5/2015, 8:30 am…

For our mow clients, we are currently on a rain delay. I walked a few yards this morning, and made the decision to hold off for now, possibly the entire week. The few yards were so saturated I was sinking into them, squishing water around here and there. Thinking about the lawn mowers, they would sink even worse… If you consider the average small mower is between 150-200 lbs, but the surface area of their four tires is probably less than the surface area of one of my feet, they will sink horribly and leave ruts. So, we shall wait. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Typically, as a mowing company, we try to stay on schedule. If we miss a week, the grass grows like crazy and the next week it will either look horrible if we mulch and leave clippings everywhere, or it will take us forever to bag all of them. So, we get in between a rock and a hard spot. Please know that we do our best to make the best decisions as to what is most important for your lawn. Typically, that means cutting it, even when it is damp, to keep it at a reasonable height. However, when it comes to the soil being so soft, we will not mow to ensure we don’t cause ruts.

For those of you that mow your own lawn, it is recommended you wait as well. Give it time to at least dry on the surface before you mow.


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