Not Time for Sprinklers Just Yet!

We have been asked a lot recently if we can come turn sprinklers on, or when it’s safe.  Our recommendation is to wait until Mother’s Day.  This time of year still brings too much uncertainty in terms of weather, and with overnight temperatures currently still as low as 40 degrees it’s not a stretch that we could get a cold front and hit low 30’s or 20’s.

That being said, the lawn doesn’t need extra water at the moment.  If we had an excessively dry winter, we would recommend hand watering lightly.  However, with the few good snows we recently got there is no point in wasting such a precious resource.

Looking back to last year, we had an INCREDIBLY wet spring!  It was extremely hard on us, but great for our environment, and water supplies.  When Mother’s Day came around, there was simply so much rain no one turned their sprinklers on.  While we had no need to supplement the natural rain, I do recommend turning the systems on at that time, and then simply switching the knob on your controller to “off.”  This way, once it gets warm and dry, you simply turn the knob back to auto and you’re set.  Unfortunately, we had multiple clients that left town last season, just as the rains went away, and temperatures skyrocketed!  Sadly, a lot of those lawns suffered quite badly, regardless of their strong start.

So, remember, you can have the system fired up and pressurized, but that doesn’t mean you have to run it!

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