My Lawn Looks Dead!

This spring season our clients have been commenting on the color of their lawn. “It’s so dead and brown!” These remarks have been common this year. Basically there are two simple culprits, and they are moisture and temperature. We ended last fall with very little water. In fact, we had about 67 days in a row of zero moisture between August and September. On top of this, we had above average temperatures. What do these two facts mean? Well, when soil temperatures are in the 50’s the grass is still growing and active. So, between our dry spells, and the grass still growing strong, it depleted its reserves. Unfortunately we went all the way through December, to December 30 before a good quality snow. This spring we have seen the same issues. March, as we all know is the snowiest month in Colorado, and we received zero snow.

So, this season, the grass may take a tad longer to look great. Don’t worry though, it’s just dormant. Get a few good waterings in and it will start to grow strong once again!

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