More on Watering…

How do you know whether or not you are getting water to the proper depth? That’s simple! Take a core sample. Kidding!

First, CSU recommends applying 1.5 inches of water per watering. So, in order to match their recommendation we use the can test. For the can test, find between five and ten cans, mugs or whatever, so long as they are similar size, (the more the merrier). Next, place them sporadically within one sprinkler station, and run that station for 15 minutes. Once the cycle is over, find the average water depth of all the cans and record this figure. So, for example, if after 15 minutes the average water depth in each of your mugs is .75 inches you know that station needs 30 minutes of watering, each time you water, to reach the recommended 1.5 inch depth. In other words, take CSU’s recommendation of 1.5 inches, divide it by the average amount of water in your mugs, and then multiply the result by 15 minutes to find the required watering time. Repeat this test for each of your sprinkler stations to find your precise watering times!

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