Is Your Aeration Company Doing Their Job Correctly???

You can aerate twice a year, but if you don’t make TWO passes it’s still not that beneficial. Many companies out there are not making two passes while still charging you the same. Don’t be fooled! Be sure they make two passes in different directions!

The biggest culprits we’re trying to counteract are soil compaction and thatch. Soil compaction is a naturally occurring process caused by your turf being stepped on and rolled over by equipment. Thatch is a light brown, matted layer of dead and living grass stems, shoots, and roots at the base of the plants. Don’t panic. Thatch, as we previously explained, is a problem only when it is thicker than 1/2″. When it is less than 1/2″, thatch can actually benefit your lawn. Removing all the thatch is very detrimental to your turf.

That is why it is so important to make TWO passes while aerating. The more cores that are pulled per sq. ft. the better it is to counteract compaction and remove a safe amount of thatch. Making only one pass while aerating generally only removes plugs four inches apart from one another. If you think about it, that is a large space, 4 inches, in between each plug to allow the reversal of compaction. This is why two passes are REQUIRED! A second pass will shorten the distance between each plug that has been pulled, truly allowing your soil to free itself up, reversing compaction. It also removes twice as much thatch!

In all, a proper, thorough, aeration is a must for a lush, healthy lawn.

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