I Have Voles Everywhere!

Many of us deal with Vole problems. They’re not horrible, but their little “runways” don’t make the grass look so great. These Voles like to feed on grasses in the summer, and seeds and grains in the winter, so they love grass. Unfortunately, their runways are protecting them from predators, such as foxes, especially when we have extensive times of snow cover. Have you noticed the Vole problem isn’t so bad this season? Depending on where you live, and how much of your turf is susceptible to snow cover, this may determine the extent of your Vole problem to begin with. We have many clients in the Ken Caryl Ranch, in Littleton, where part of the community is behind the hogback with lower temperatures causing snow cover to stick around longer. The problems up there are, unfortunately, a little more common.

How do you get rid of Voles? Well, we have heard it all, but don’t have much proof anything works. We commonly hear Coyote urine does the trick. It doesn’t sound too pleasant to me, but have at it! There are other organic remedies as well. Apparently capsaicin does the trick, so long as you apply it in the fall where you have yearly problems. If their patterns of tunneling are not predictable, it won’t work so well. Unfortunately we have been told by many experts the best way to rid yourself of Voles is to go outside in the early am, 3-5 am, and chase them out of their favorite areas. Hey, if you hate them so much it may be worth it!

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