Happy April Fools’ Day!

So, this spring has started off a little warm… Recently, we have been asked quite a bit about watering this time of year.

First, let’s start with winter. As we have said in the past, if the winter is dry it is always a good practice to hand water throughout the season, so long as it’s above 40 degrees fahrenheit, and has enough time to soak in and dry before it freezes again.

Now, this time of season is no different. Hand watering right now is a must. Considering the ridiculously high temperatures we have seen, for days on end, with high wind speeds, it is very important to get some water on your turf. Typically, in March and April we don’t need much water, but this year is an exception. We need to treat April as if it were June due to the extreme temperatures. So long as the heat keeps up, get some water down. BUT, be careful! Tomorrow’s forecast is predicting a high of 46, with an overnight low below freezing. This is why we don’t believe it is a smart idea to start your irrigation system quite yet. Hold off at least for a week.

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