Get Your Aeration On!

It’s that time of season again- Aeration time! Lately I have noticed many companies aerating prematurely, so I thought we should explain proper times for aeration. It’s very simple… The number one thing to look for is proper soil temperatures. Aeration should ONLY be done when soil temperatures are between 50 and 65 degrees. If you look at the current soil temperature map below, thanks to Green Cast, it is just now acceptable to aerate. Secondly, aeration should not be done when the soil is frozen. Pretty simple, right? And lastly, aeration should be done when there is a good month of growth left in the season, this is of course only applicable in the fall as we approach winter.

In other words, get your aeration ASAP! From now until the end of September are perfect times! October is also acceptable, but there is less time for growth and recovery afterwards…

Get your aeration on!

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