For The Love….

Keep those sprinklers turned OFF! Unless your grass isn’t growing, is sparse and underperforming, please keep your systems set to off.

Remember… The lawn should not grow more than 1 inch in a week, or it’s excessive. Multiple things happen in that situation. Cutting down more than 1/3 of the blade actually shocks the roots, and causes them to temporarily atrophy. Additionally, most turfs can’t process that much biomass, it may just turn into thatch… All that excessive growth is just a waste of your water, and our most precious natural resource. And finally, it looks like hell when we cut it. No lawn mower, be it a homeowner mower from home depot, or a $10,000 commercial mower can adequately cut the grass when it’s that long, unless it’s bagged- and that’s another story.* Two clients I have recently talked to lately have had their systems off for three weeks, and both of their lawns look awesome. How do you like them apples?

*Bagging… Is another wasteful practice. The only instance I really understand bagging is if you have dogs that track clippings into the house. Mulching is healthier. Mulching all season releases the equivalent amount of nutrients into the lawn as an extra fertilization. When you bag, you use a garbage bag, then it gets carried away by a trash truck, or your lawn company’s truck, then dumped into a land fill, as if we have an unlimited amount of land on Earth. Doesn’t that just seem silly?

Regulate your sprinklers. Make constant adjustments. CARE! If it’s growing excessively, turn the system off. Try decrease watering times by 10-20% and record those times for the future. Reanalyze.

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