Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize!

March has arrived, which means it is that time of the season to begin your fertilizer regimen! Whether you are going an organic route, or using synthetic fertilizer, both are best to be spread over the next couple of months. The best time to put them down would be immediately before an impending storm, such as the one we will get this Tuesday. Keep in mind, if you are using a synthetic fertilizer, you should immediately water it in to prevent burning! The risk of burning isn’t as great this time of year, but as the average temperature rises above 70 degrees, during the summer, watering in your fertilizer is an excellent practice. If you feel like going above and beyond you can use both organic and synthetic fertilizers! Organic is a slow release, and will help the soil and the microbial life underground, while synthetic fertilizers are quick release and are essentially, “Putting food on the table for your turf.” If you chose to use both, lay down your organic fertilizer first, then two weeks later spread your synthetic fertilizer. Repeat this practice four or five times this season for an incredibly lush and beautiful lawn!

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