February Snowfall

Hello, and happy spring! We have been fortunate to receive some good snow these past few weeks, and there is possibly more to come! There is nothing worse than starting the season off with a dry spell. While there are many variables to take into account when shooting for a healthy lawn, one of the most important is moisture and the timing of it early on in the season. I have mentioned this before, but will every season… The roots of your grass will only grow until the soil temperature reaches a certain degree. That means, it is a must that you get plenty of water down early in the season to enjoy a healthy lawn through October. Some years, we are forced to hand water around this time, however, this year we’re quite fortunate! Enjoy the snow while it’s here!

Remember, our aerations start early April, but no earlier! It is important for the soil to be thawed so we can pull quality plugs!

Chuck Matthys - Morning Crystals

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