Dry Weather

As we go into winter this season, we are extremely dry, which everyone knows.  Of course, being intelligent about our water usage is paramount in this moment.  At the same time, don’t neglect your lawns and trees.  Over the past three or four weeks, I have seen some lawns that I am genuinely concerned will not make it through the winter.  Do not hesitate to give your lawn some water by hand every few days this fall/winter, especially until we get some natural moisture.  Water long enough that the water can get deep into the soil helping the roots, but don’t let it start running off and becoming wasteful.  I am posting an image of one of my favorite types of lawn sprinklers.  It takes a long time to water one spot, but that’s the point.  A sprinkler needs to let water out slower than the soil infiltration rate.


Also, if you’re not one of our fertilizer clients, put a high-quality, organic winterizer fertilizer on the lawn now, and maybe again in early 2017.  The winterizer fertilizer helps the roots, which remain active over the course of the winter.  We love Colorado’s Choice organic fertilizer, which you can find at O’Tooles.  One bag covers 2,500 sq. ft.  If you don’t know how much grass you have, go to findlotsize.com and map it out and determine how much fertilizer you need.


Help your lawn survive this winter so you don’t start next season out spending thousands on sod!



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