Do You Wake Up To Your Sidewalks Soaked?

Then simply adjust your sprinkler heads! It’s not difficult at all, and it’s relatively quick. There are two common types of sprinkler heads: Rotary, and fan. Rotary heads move from side to side, while fan sprayers remain stationary. Below I have posted a close up picture of a couple fan sprayers. The one on the left has an adjustment for the degree range it can water, while the one on the right if fixed. If you have the type on the left, you can simply grab right below the nozzle and spin it to the left or the right to open or close the range of which it waters, typically from 45 degrees to 360 degrees. Make sure it’s adjusted properly so it matches the turf where it’s installed. Now, BOTH, nozzles have a small flathead screw on the top. This controls how far the nozzle sprays. But, do keep in mind, for whatever reason some sprinkler heads don’t have the filter, seen in the middle of the pic, and if you go to adjust the throw without the filter it won’t work. You simply need to go to your local hardware store and put the filter back in, simply by unscrewing the nozzle and dropping the filer in it. Once you know there is a filter in it, you can tighten the screw to reduce the distance it throws the water or you can extend it, if need be. I like to reduce the throw until I don’t see the water hitting the sidewalk because there should be heads along the side of the yard responsible for getting the edges.

Ultimately, I am writing this post because it is absurd how often I see fan sprayers watering sidewalks like CRAZY! So, if you’re unwilling to abide by what your local watering recommendations are, at least keep your water off the sidewalks and driveways.

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