Denver’s Watering Restrictions- Slightly Obtuse

I was recently speaking with a client when she referred to Denver Water’s restrictions as obtuse… I couldn’t think of a better way to put it. As this season has progressed, I have seen more and more of the unintended consequences of the watering restrictions. One, is something that impacts us in the business. It’s horrible, actually. We have set schedules, which are designed to be as fuel efficient and economical as possible. These schedules are very challenging to deviate from. Now, with the restrictions, Denver water is forcing people to water only on certain days according to their address. I get it, how else can they check that people are obeying their rules? They have to drive around now, all midnight long, all morning long, all around the city writing up citations. Have you thought about how much more they are spending in man power to add these employees, to fuel these vehicles, to maintain the vehicles, to write the actual fines themselves, and the ‘warnings’??? This is only the beginning of it… Back to the schedule. We are now forced to mow lawns that have been watered within the past few hours, it sucks! It’s not a good practice, it doesn’t give a good cut, etc. But wait, I have even more. Do you have a large lawn with 8 or more zones? How about one with 26? Yep, I have seen it. Well, here is where the watering restrictions are extremely dumb, and lacking in conscious thought. I have programmed a few clients yards, which are very large, to water 6 days of the week. Hold your horses before you jump to conclusions and tell me I am doing wrong. Remember, the best time to water is immediately before sunrise. That being said, how can someone with such a large lawn run all of their zones efficiently, for long duration and only three days a week, (without restrictions)? Break it up in half. Say there are 16 zones. Water zones 1-8 on MWF, and zones 8-16 on TTrSa. See, now we’re using the same amount of water, but not starting the system at midnight or ending it at 10 am. We can easily water 8 zones in 4 hours, so 2-6 or 3-7, as opposed to what Denver is forcing us to do, which would make it midnight to 8am. And trust me, it’s not so cool out at midnight in July or August, and by 10am you are losing a TON of water to evaporation, especially when you wake up at 7 to 80 degree weather.

Water is vitally important, I know, and I went to school in Boulder, so I am well aware of our precious, natural, and finite resources. But I wonder if we could do better on our own? My clients in Highlands Ranch where they are asked to water consciously are doing so. They have asked me how to water more efficiently, and how to properly cut time per zone down. We’re all adults here… Isn’t there a better way to go about this???

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