Common Questions This Time of Year

When can I turn my sprinklers on?

It’s possible to still get a freeze, so I recommend waiting. If you live in the valley, wait until early May, and for those of you outside the valley, where it’s slightly warmer wait another week or so. That being said, hand water! Lawns are horribly dry right now, yet they’re starting to grow, so, they’re using nutrients. If you don’t feed them water now, they will start the season off poorly…

Do you power rake?

We do not power rake, nor should you have it done. CSU Turfgrass states more harm is done to the lawn than good. A couple things to keep in mind about thatch, (The intermingled layer of dead and living shoots matted down)… 1. A slight layer of thatch is good. It acts as an insulator from heat and cold. 2. Thatch is rarely a problem in our area. 3. If you do have a thatch problem, twice-yearly aerations will keep it at bay, and actually reverse the problem, IF your aeration company goes over each section of lawn twice. How do you prevent thatch? Never over fertilize. Mow weekly, at minimum, and if you wait too long, and the lawn grows more than an inch before you get to it again bag it instead of mulching it.

Do you recommend weed and feed fertilizers?

Nope. I have even been told by those who sell the product it’s not quality. The granular herbicide part of it just doesn’t target the weeds enough to do a great job. Basically, one company came up with the idea, and the rest followed suit just to compete. IF you have a weed problem, I am a fan of spot treatment. Pulling weeds won’t bring the problem to an end. They need to be sprayed with chemicals, and that’s the only way to get it done right.

Isn’t it too early to fertilize?

NEVER! If your lawn is in poor shape, it’s even recommended that you fertilize in the winter. We recommend four times per season. Remember, the grass roots only will grow until soil temperatures reach in the upper 70s, so you will want two fertilizations in by then so that you give your lawn a good start to the season.

When should I mow my lawn?

You shouldn’t mow your lawn, ever. We offer lawn mowing services in Ken Caryl and southwest Littleton, let us do it for you. Ok, if you’re going to do it yourself it very well may need it by now. We have done multiple yard cleans, which we mow at the end, and many of them needed a little trim already. First thing to know, my recommendation is to mow your lawn at 2.5 inches. That is what we have found to be the absolute best height in our area. Now, keep in mind the golden rule, not to cut down over 1/3 of the blade at a time. So, I always say, do not let it grow above 3.5 inches before you cut it back down to 2.5 inches. Got it?! There are negative effects of doing so… Most importantly, you can shock the roots and they may atrophy slightly, a way to protect themselves. Additionally, if you mulch, the clippings will be so long they won’t decompose easily, so you NEED to bag at that point, which is just environmentally unfriendly, and a waste of extra time.

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