Buzz Cuts Are Not In!

We mean in the world of turf… Did you know that cutting your lawn at the appropriate height plays a big part in the health and the appearance of your lawn? Not only that, it can reduce time and money spent on maintenance.

Recommended mowing heights are between 2.5 inches and 3 inches. The reason for this is grass grows from the crown, not the blade tips. This trait makes grass ideal for lawns because it keeps growing despite the regular mowing of it’s upper stem. It is important not to cut it shorter than recommended, so there will be no damage to the grass crown. No crown = no grass!

Kentucky bluegrasses, which is what we have in Colorado, should be cut when it reaches a height of 3 inches, or typically once a week. This may seem a bit long, but keeping the grass on the longer side allows it a greater surface area to carry out photosynthesis. Also, taller grass grows slower than shorter grass. In other words, if the lawn grows slower it doesn’t need to be cut as frequently. This saves you precious time, not to mention the savings of gasoline and wear on equipment. A taller turf height helps to prevent most weeds from germinating, eliminating the need for herbicides. Lastly, and most importantly, in a semi-arid climate such as ours, keeping your grass at the upper end of the recommended mowing height requires less watering, when compared to mowing it shorter.

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