Afraid of the Freeze?

Here is a post that is copied from the past. It is always in our blog to refer to. Apparently we may get pretty cold this weekend. If you are concerned about your back flow breaking, follow these steps to prevent damage…

1) Locate the shut off in the basement. This is a ball valve, while sometimes they look like the type that your hoses are attached to outside. In this picture below, as you can see, it’s still on.

2) For those of you with these ball valves, turn the handle to be perpendicular with the pipe it’s attached to in order to shut it off.

3) Go outside to your backflow. See below.

4) Locate the petcock drains. See closeup below. (Your petcock drains most likely don’t have tiny ball valves, but rather an area where you can insert a flathead screwdriver.) These are the two small protruding parts near the top left of the image.

5) Open them up. So, if you have these tiny ball valves turn them so the handle is parallel to the line, because we’re opening them, and if they are the types that require a flathead screwdriver do the same- turn each one so the flat part of the screwdriver is parallel to the line.

6) Finally, now that the water is shut off in the basement, and the valves on the outside of your house are open it’s time to go back to the shut off in the basement and drain the water out. On the same handle where you turned it off, there will be a small cap that you will remove. Keep in mind this might have a little or A LOT of water, depending on how far this shut off is from the backflow outside. Either way, bring a small bucket. Loosen the cap, or remove it entirely, and let the water flow!

That’s it! But, don’t forget to turn things back on when the snow is gone!

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