Snow Removal Technique, For Reals!

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March is our snowiest month of the year, so get ready! We have over ten years of commercial snow removal experience, and with that comes a lot of tips!

If you have a sidewalk with a concrete curb try to shovel snow away from the curb a few inches during the storm. If you do this, runoff will efficiently run right past your house eliminating any secondary freeze the next night. Below, I have put in some pictures of my sidewalks after the storm, and the neighbors, which is being done by a company… You will notice the ones being done by the company are not only very sloppy, but they didn’t touch the curb. Snow packs here for days on end, and when the runoff comes down the street it just turns to ice, overflows onto the sidewalk and creates an ice rink. It’s a simple extra two minutes of work to get it done right, and that’s with the foot we just received!

Another thing I like to do, which is relatively anal and excessive, is to get snow out of the street in front of the driveway. For those of you who know me, you would expect this since I am absolutely a type A personality and as anal as can be. When you shovel it away from the driveway you don’t end up with those chunky ice blocks that slam your car every time you drive in and out of your home. Give it a shot, it’s another two or so minutes, quick and easy!





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